Mumbai Terror: The Worst India Has Seen

November 29, 2008 at 1:19 am (Talking Politics, thoughts)

On 27th Nov. 08, the first line TOI was ‘possibly the biggest torror attack on Indian soil after independence.’ I was shell shocked. Is this the kind of security our politicians are giving us. ( You might be wodering why the politicians, why not the police. But in reality politicians are the one who are giving all the instruction; unfortunately the police is not but a puppet.) A viewer called Prasad sent an SMS to NDTV saying what could be a bigger insult than that we are not able to safeguard our own people? This is simply shocking and unfortunate as well.

I don’t know why after so many inceidents the politicians are only “comdemning” the attacks. “We severely condemn these acowardice attacks”. Being an Indian I have heard this time and again and I am not at all surprised. The only difference was that Dr. Manmohan Singh said there was an urgent need for a federal agency powerful enough to handle such attacks and share information between the Central agencies and the Sate level agencies which are entrusted with the duty of “spying”. If I am not wrong, it was Feb 2001 that a panel of ministers made recommendations for setting up a federal agency. That means even after 7 long years the Government is still in dilemma on what to do. Terrific.

Yesterday, this article came on The Times Of India. I was taken aback by the author’s remark:

While all evidence points to the involvement of Pakistani elements in the terror acts, New Delhi should at the same time be careful not to walk into the trap of creating major Indo-Pakistan tensions as a new president takes over in Washington and with India facing a general election in the next few months.

Why? Why should we not be tough with Pakistan? Last night someone called Sanjana was putting her view on NDTV, saying this is not a war, this is terror. I was wondering what she means by war. Frontiers? Cannons? Or what the hell? So many people being killed and still not a war?

God only knows what would happen to this great Nation and her political brethren.

My deepest consolence to the families who lost their near and dear ones. May they rest in peace.


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Ms. Juliette and my first job

December 16, 2007 at 11:46 am (Personal)

On Thursday, our department, Department of Mathematics organised a seminar on Mathematical Logic and Non-standard models of Arithmetic. Now, to be frank, i hardly attend such seminars. It’s mostly because they don’t have anything to do with the syllabus. And also (unfortunately) there are very few students who are really interested in these seminars. But this time i had to. Two ‘firingi’ people are coming to attend the seminar. They were Prof Juliette Cara Kennedy and Prof Jouko Vaananen. Both from the Helsinki University. (Later i came to know that they are currently based in Amsterdam) They were staying at a guest house near Rabindranath Tagore Cardiac Research Institute which is not very far from my house and they don’t know the whereabouts of the city. So, the profs told me to go and get them to the college. I got a comrade with me: None other than Tuhin, that imp.
We reached our destination at 1o:3o in the morning. It turned to be Ms. Juliette was one of the most beautiful people i have ever laid my eyes on. I was just thinking how beautiful she was when she was young. (No vulgarity intended. She is a motherly figure.) And i was pretty shy to talk to them But she was the one who introduced herself and started an friendly chat with us. And by the time we reached our college, she was quite impressed by our city, altho i told her it’s far worse than the ones they have in the west. but she made it a point that as she was born in NY, she is kinda used to seeing the slums and all that.
Her lecture was the best part of the story. She is a PhD. in Logic. Her speech was on Non-standard models in arithmetic. And in the Q&A section i asked her what Turing machine. And her explanation was great.
We had to accompany them back to their guest house. On our way, she told us that she liked the way we Indian English accent. I told her that i had my first ever job interview on the day after. And she wished me all the best. And then came my big day…

It’s Satyam Computers. I was pretty sure that i have an edge cause i know ‘a li’l bit’ of Web-programming. Although i was not sure what i would say in my personal interview. But it went well. They were pretty impressed by what i said. And i got the job! But, the pay-package is too bad. So i can’t join it. Too bad to lose the first job because of no fault of my own. But someday, let’s see, if i can manage to get a job in Satyam with bigger pay-package.

I haven’t yet mailed Ms. Kennedy about my getting the job. But i will! Thanks, Ms. Kennedy for all your wishes. And to my family who’s always there for me!

With lots of love,

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3 days, 3 stories

December 4, 2007 at 5:39 am (Personal)

Friday 30th November 2007

That was exactly two years before – 30 Nov. 2005 – i first went to a Fossils gig. And that was great. This year it was again the same date. Fossils came to rock our Freshers’ Fest (called ISPAT, meaning IRON). They really really rocked. Everyone went crazy with Rupam and Co. I really enjoyed the evening. Rupam is a craze among the college goers but never thought he’s such a big fan following guys and gals were tumbling over one another just for picture or a touch of Rupam. He really really rocks…

Saturday 1st Dec.

It was World AIDS day. But more importantly it was my first ever interview. I was pretty tensed about it. But i missed it…

Sunday 2nd Dec.

Never thought such a news will reach my brain. Got up late in the morning. Got a call in my cell from my uncle who gave me the news: My cousin of only one year elder to me, committed suicide. I was…i dunno. I just could not think this would ever happen. He’s been a great student. My parents reached much before i went to their house. Just could not think this things will happen to him.

Memories of another day:

He’s been a very good student. He was with Jadavpur University doing his in computer science. Just two sems away from completion. He even got a job in TCS. I can’t really figure out what made him take such a dangerous decision.
I always hated him. He used to say “i am so and so. I can do so and so.” Kinda hypocrite. But at the bottom he’s a good human being. Everyone loved him. A very lively person by nature.

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Oktoberfest and November rain

November 2, 2007 at 1:47 pm (Personal, random)

Last month had been really cool for me. It was the festivities that that was the main attraction. Four days of grandeur and celebration that made the days the happiest days of the year. I enjoyed myself like hell. Went pandal hopping, spent some great time with my friends, spent some ‘quality’ time with my gf (now, probably you know the difference between gf and friends, among others :P), had some great foods, met relatives and such. You can check out the pics here in Flickr.
I watched two phat films, tho Bollywoodie, but were pretty cool. Both of them were comedies. I had also planned to watch one more but later called it off.
Yesterday, i read it on the newspaper that last month 15 were holidays and 16 were working days! That’s the place I call India! 😉

November Rain
Ya, the song’s pretty cool. But it’s true. It is raining here in November too. I have never seen it rained it in November in my 20 years of ‘tiny’ life. This is the first time. Maybe it’s because Global Warming. Whatever it may be, it’s not good here. Cause just a few days back the whole of WB witnessed some torrential rainfall. And now, if it rains again, it will be a lot of problems.

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“A friend is…

September 15, 2007 at 9:47 am (quotable quotes)

…one who stabs you in the front.”-Oscar Wilde

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jQuery 1.2 released!

September 13, 2007 at 3:24 am (web)

…and it’s awesome. Take a look.

I have been using Moo.fx for quite sometime. But was having hell of a problem. It was by one popular Digg, that I decided to give jQuery a try. And to be frank it is great. I mean, less coding, less harassment. Javascript is frustrating sometimes. but trying out with Jquery never really frustrated me. I am now working on a new template (of course with jQuery) for blogger platform.

They have also promised to release the all-new UI. Can’t wait till Sunday the 16th! 😉

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Thank you

September 11, 2007 at 4:07 am (thoughts)

…to Anjan Dutta for letting us think differently.

I was listening to Anjan Du Ghonta (Two Hours with Anjan) on Sunday night. FYI, Anjan Dutta is one of the best contemporary Bengali Singers. And this program on Friends FM has been a great success right from the beginning. He’s more personal than we can really imagine.

Anyway, what he said was really touchy. He was talking about the new gen and computers. “Ekhon, kichhu kinte hole online e click korlei holo. Jinishta barite puchhe jabe. Mane, aj r kono bikreta nei.” (Now, buying is just a few clicks away; you get the stuff. That means there’s no seller.) Now, it may sound very unreasonable. But, think about the time before the online-shopping craze came into being: you used to go to some shopping mall or some shops where you used to bargain and then buy. But now, what you do is click on some products pics and order. The whole story of going-n-buying is missing, isn’t it?

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“Confessions of a…

September 8, 2007 at 8:18 am (random)

…college Callgirl” is a great post.

I went there from homepage, partly because i saw the tag “sex”, partly i was astounded how homepage can have such ‘porn’ stuf. But what i read there was heart-wrenching. We seldom know what happens to those “college students and single moms” desperately doing ‘that’. Do read this article.

Now, i am happy i went there.

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Orkut Blogs

September 8, 2007 at 3:26 am (random)

…’are’ great.
Now, you may be wondering why i used plural. Orkut has done a very
nice job by including feeds of blogs rather than adding thier own
version of blog which is Google’s Blogger. Since it’s still in beta,
they did a survey a few months back. They asked whether ‘we’ would like
a blog feature, somethin’ like mySpace. I voted for the option but i
was very skeptical. Because in past they disabled their pictorial scrap
feature only because they don’t want to waste their ‘donuts’ (read:
server space).
But they did some wonderful job by simply adding feeds to users’
homepage. It only needs a li’l bit of scripting to add these feeds to
your site. I guess they would love this feed thing more ‘coz they
recently acquired Feedburner. However, they have also started
scraps-with-pictures. This time too by adding HTMLs. 😉
Now, since this blog is still in a nascent stage, I thought about
adding this to my Orkut profile. And seems like whoever is visiting is
from my Orkut a/c. 😀

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When Pain Comes

September 2, 2007 at 7:31 am (thoughts)

…nothing really stops it.

I came to know about a guy both of whose kidneys got damaged. His financial situation is not too good either. I guess having the wealth of Bill Gates may help him. I mean the kinda money one has to spend (at least in India) for renal diseases is really too much. I heard that his college friends are raising funds for his treatment. I wish God helps him. But to be very frank, as my gf told me, it is hard to live more than 3/4yrs even someone does a transplantation. I wish there were no disease at all.

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